Quiz: Are you ready for ABCD eLearning?

Please answer the following True/False questions. This will help you decide if eLearning modules might be a good choice for you.

Have Fun!

(Hint: you'll need to answer TRUE to the first five questions)

  1. I have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection.
  2. I am fairly comfortable using a computer, email, and searching for information online.
  3. I can type a few sentences at a time without too much strain.
  4. I can stay calm and ask for help if I am having a technology problem.
  5. I feel confident I can set goals for myself and organize my time to work at least 2 hours per week on eLearning.

    If you answered the first five questions 'true', keep going, and see if you can answer at least three of the next five questions 'true'.

  6. I like the idea of learning at my own pace, with the freedom to set my own schedule.
  7. I like the idea of not having to drive, be somewhere at a set time, and even to wear my pajamas if I feel like it.
  8. Having a chance to exchange ideas with other early childhood educators appeals to me, and regular weekly feedback from an instructor is something I value.
  9. I enjoy having lots of choices and learning in a variety of ways—through hands-on activities, observing children, listening to experts in the field, asking questions, watching video clips, reflecting on my experiences, exploring great websites, and reading about different topics.
  10. I am motivated to learn, and want to be more effective in guiding and helping children’s healthy development.

You answered yes to the first five questions, and most of the next five questions. An eLearning module will be a good choice for you. Go right ahead and get started!

You had more than a couple of “no” answers. You may want to consider a paper-based learning format, or face-to-face classes and workshops at this time.

Web based learning is not for everyone. While some people love the flexibility and being in charge of their own learning, some people miss having more verbal contact with other learners, and benefit from more direction from an instructor.

Remember—there are lots of ways to learn. The most important thing is finding what works best for you and your life.