Do you like to be in charge of your own learning? Are you passionate about young children, and want to learn more about helping their healthy growth and brain development? If yes, this course is for you! (If no, we are sure you will be saying an enthusiastic “yes!” by the end of your first module.)

How the modules work

Your learning styles

Look for the icon in the top left corner of every activity page. This lets you know the main learning style used in the activity. As you do the activities, notice which is your favorite learning style.

Your CDA

Each module gives you 20 hours training credit toward your CDA (Child Development Associate credential), and helps with your application. You will notice that each module covers all eight training content areas. This reflects the way we work with children every day. We don’t do health and safety one day, work with families the next, and program activities the third day. We do everything at once!

Your mentor / coach

Research shows that having a mentor or coach is very important to help apply what you learn. Before and after the training you will ask someone that sees you work with children to fill out a short survey and support your teaching skills. For preschool and child care center teachers, this will be your supervisor, for Head Start, it may be your lead teacher, for family child care, it may be a parent, neighbor or Child Care Food Program staff.

Your cohort team

One of the benefits of the e-learning training is connecting with other early childhood folks. You will share comments on a discussion board during the week, anytime of the day or night. Your learning facilitator will join the discussion, and will also give you comments on your success in completing the activities.

There are lots of other things to know, which you will learn as you go. Be ready for adventure! If you have questions along the way, email your learning facilitator or the other students in your group through the course yearbook. If you have any comments for the ABCDe staff, you can click the “feedback” link in your user bar along the left.

If you are new to computers, we think you will enjoy getting comfortable with e-learning. We hope it will enrich your work with children and families.