Children Moving & Growing

This module explores gross motor development and creating environments that encourage movement. We will also be considering the importance of good nutrition and learn some ways to simplify feeding the children in your care.

There is increasing evidence that many young children are becoming obese and at high risk for heart disease, diabetes and other ailments associated with obesity. You play a central role in the lives of young children and have the power to educate the families you work with about living healthy lives. Some of the challenges you face must seem very tough at times. Living in Alaska has special challenges because of the often severe climate and the difficulty of getting fresh foods.
Fortunately, good health and an active lifestyle give immediate rewards to everyone involved! You can add lots of ideas for movement activities and create environments that foster active living in your program. This module promotes eating healthy, simple food as a way to fuel little active bodies.

If you are working toward your Child Development Associate Credential you will be pleased to find that this module zones in on the areas of establishing a safe, healthy learning environment, advancing physical competence and ensuring a purposeful program that’s responsive to the needs of young children to be active and eat well.

The “big ideas” for this module include: