Making a Difference in the Lives of Young Children

This module explores the profession of Early Childhood Education and the important tasks required of those of us in the field.

We in the profession of Early Care and Education are faced with ethical dilemmas every day. For example: Do we let a child go with an aunt we have never met and whose name is not on the sign out list? Do we report those suspicious bruises on the little girl who is sulking in the corner everyday? What about the parent who arrives to pick up their children smelling of alcohol? Then there is the family who doesn’t celebrate any holidays or birthdays. How are we to structure our program’s celebrations, given this knowledge? The NAEYC Code of Ethics is our guide through the sometimes confusing and frustrating situations in which we find ourselves daily.

We wear many hats as Early Care Professionals. The children we care for come from all types of families, cultures, and economic backgrounds. They sometimes come to us hungry, abused, or otherwise in need. They sometimes come to us needing to be challenged above and beyond their physical age or needing a modified environment in which to help them grow and learn. Knowing about the resources and regulations, and understanding our role in the lives of children goes a long way to ensure that we keep the children as our primary focus.

The key topics in this module are: