Babies, Bonds, and Brains

Babies, Bonds & Brains!

Hello! Welcome to the intriguing topic area of Babies, Bonds and Brains. Over the last 10 years, exciting and new information has been published to help us understand what is now called the “Early Years, Critical Years.” Research has shown that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the early years of life, and what parents and caregivers do during those early years makes a profound difference for the rest of their children’s lives. Scientific research has shown that brain growth is at its highest between the ages of 0-3, and that a healthy, nurturing environment during early childhood plays a vital role in each child’s school and life success.

This module will cover two broad research areas: brain development and attachment development. You will learn how these two areas are connected and why they are of primary importance in the creation of healthy human beings. Through these readings, you may learn that many of these findings confirm what traditional cultures have always known and integrated into their child rearing practices.

Throughout this module, you will be asked to read, listen, observe, and reflect. By the end of the 20 hours of instruction, you should find your interactions with children have changed. It is our hope that this information will guide you in a new light to make daily decisions that will lead to more positive outcomes for you and the child.

Key topics in this module include: