Welcome to ABCD eLearning!

This web-based, relationship based training honors all learning styles. Each training module offers 20 hours toward completion of a CDA (Child Development Associate credential), or toward state licensing requirements. Our goal is to help you reflect on your experiences, and explore best practice ideas in order to increase your comfort, teaching skills, and effectiveness in working with young children and families.

You will be supported by an early childhood trainer, and connect with other early childhood educators through informal on-line discussions. You can work at your own pace to complete a module within three months, with choices of engaging activities.

Our five modules:

This course covers two broad research areas: brain development and attachment development. You will learn how these two areas are connected and why they are of primary importance in the creation of healthy human beings. This module explores the profession of Early Childhood Education and the important tasks required of those of us in the field. Supporting young children in their social and emotional development is one of the most important things we do as early childhood educators. When we form strong, nurturing relationships with children, it increases their ability to be happy, to relate to their family and community, and to have friends. This module explores gross motor development and creating environments that encourage movement.  We will also be considering the importance of good nutrition and learn some ways to simplify feeding the children in your care. An orientation to the unique field of before and after school care.

The eLearning modules were developed by AEYC-SEA, the Association for the Education of Young Children in Southeast Alaska, through funding support from the Alaska SEED (System of Early Education Development) project. For more information, please or call 1-888-785-1235.